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Inspection & NDT

SKC Inspection & NDT has extensive experience in the application of convention Non-Destructive Testing methods including magnetic particle testing (MT), liquid penetrant testing (PT) and ultrasonic testing (UT) with technicians certified to CGSB and ASNT standards.   

We also have visual inspectors certified to both Canadian (CSA W178.2) and American (AWS CWI QC1) standards.   Because we are a CSA W178.1 certified welding inspection company all our visual inspections are supervised by a CSA W178.2 level III inspector.

We provide services for all sizes of project from small fabrication facilities to major installations such as pipelines & bridges.


Advanced UT

We are skilled in the application of advanced ultrasonic methods including Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) & Phased Array (PA) and employ PCN certified technicians.   We have extensive experience in the field of pipeline integrity and have worked in the oil & gas and nuclear sectors.  

Materials Testing

Expert Testing, Exceptional Service

SKC Inspection & Testing operates a CSA W178.1 certified mechanical testing laboratory using state of the art testing equipment.  We have a fully computerized system for tracking samples through the lab and generate instant reports with computer controlled testing equipment.  Our lab provides support to Welding Engineering and Metallurgical services including detailed failure analysis, studies of material properties and welding procedure optimization. 

Rope Access

Through our joint venture with Pacific Ropes we offer inspection & testing services in all kinds of hard to reach places.  We have technicians that are certified to both IRATA & SPRAT standards in compliance with the requirements of WorksafeBC.

NDT Training & Procedure Development

SKC Inspection & NDT can develop welding inspection procedures for visual, magnetic particle, ultrasonic and liquid penetrant testing methods compliant with CSA, ASME & AWS welding & inspection codes.  We also have experience in developing procedures for advanced ultrasonic methods including Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) & Phased Array (PA).

We can also provide independent verification services to ensure inspections & testing are being carried out in compliance with procedures.  As well as independent verification of inspection & testing data.

Welcome to SKC

SKC Inspection & Testing

SKC Inspection & NDT Inc was founded in 2013 in response to market demands for a new player for quality control services in the British Columbia marketplace.  The service offerings of SKC Inspection & NDT are complementary to those of our sister company SKC Engineering and we have the same commitment to excellence in everything that we do.  We aim to provide a higher standard of inspection & testing  by building a relationship of trust with our clients. Our ethos is to provide inspection & testing that supports fabricators, ensures quality and builds confidence.  

SKC Inspection is actively seeking new projects through out Western Canada, with a current focus on major projects such as pipelines, bridges and dams.  SKC Inspection is a member of the Quality Control Council of Canada (QCCC).